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I am Bi - your problem, not mine!

I was born in 1968! Sounds like a long time ago, but it’s not! Just the other day! I’m not your normal “old” 43 year old! Youth has not escaped me! I love life and people…..and the photo’s taken of their beautiful bodies. I do not take credit for any of these pictures taken off the net. If it’s yours and I should not have used it, kindly let me know and I’ll rectify my error!

For years now, I have had an incredible internal “conflict” of who I am, what I am, and what I’m not. I discovered one thing: “I’m Human!” Thank God for that! I grew up very conservative and turned out very different to the ways my parent brought me up.

First, let’s get this clear and out the way. I am NOT religious, but I am a Christian. I honor and Love God and I believe Jesus died on the cross for my sins and that I am forgiven. Don’t run away now. It is not a bad thing - it is fantastic. God is a gracious God and loves all he has created. He did create me to be as I am - different to the “norm”. What’s the norm? That, you must decide.

Since my childhood days, I have been very attracted to boys. Since my childhood days, I have been attracted to girls. I love playing doctor doctor with the neighbours daughter and pull down the panties and do a proper “diagnosis”. I’m talking about when I was 7! Didn’t know about sex people, so don’t make this sexual! I did the same with boys when they came visiting. I just love touching them. 

The other neighbours Mom allowed me to sit with her daughter when she had a bath. This was natural. Loved the sincerity and innocence of this. Again, I was very fascinated by the female body - again, nothing sexual, all feeling normal.

My girl cousins also didn’t mind showing me their “lovelies”! I was intrigued. Pussy!! Beautiful! Love it! When I was 15, I got to see my cousin’s boobs, and the pussy now had hair! I felt like a raving lunatic with my hormones now on full stream!

I had another boy cousin where I spent some holiday’s far from home. We used to bath together and he wasn’t shy to play with his willy, show it, flaunt it etc. All being “Innocent”, but I likes it a lot! This was before the word “Homo” or “Gay” was part of the vocabulary of almost anyone. Gay people were not “Out” then. I’m talking about the early 80’s. 

When I was 13, my closest friend and I spent much time together. He taught me how to wank and showed me too. He was a year younger than me, but had a bigger dick, pubes and wasn’t afraid to show and touch! I loved it! We were really close and did so many things together - often naked together in the bushes just having fun. 

I didn’t realize then that I had an attraction to the male form - it felt so natural. I loved touching his dick, stroking his pubes, seeing his pre-cum. 

I had girlfriends whom I love to feel and touch breasts etc. Quite normal, I think. I love tits - nice firm ones! I love beautiful pussy too! BUT, I am addicted to dick!

I moved with my parents to Cape Town in 1984. Cape Town has Sandy Bay and just the thought of being able to go there and experience nudity out in the open and seeing others in the same healthy condition, really, really got me excited! I was 16 and the only way to get there was on a Saturday morning on my bicycle. If you know Cape Town, you’ll realize that this was quite a distance over hills and passes to Llandudno on route to Hout Bay. But, with more motivation than I ever had, I mounted my bicycle and set of to achieve a dream! Sandy Bay  On Sandy Bay

Getting there was amazing! The place is a paradise! Getting over the initial shyness of being starkers among all the mostly adults, was a challenge. I soon realized that it wasn’t a big deal - everyone here had the same thing in mind. Enjoying nature and seeing other bodies enjoying the same!

It is here that I met a guy who was gay, wealthy and single and much older than me. OK, don’t jump to conclusions! Mike just took much interest in me and “protected me” at the beach. He owned many sports cars and that is where I really clicked with him. He even allowed me to drive some of them, but I know he could not keep his hands off me. He said so! I did and I didn’t want him to touch me. I was shitting my pants thinking of anything that can go wrong here!

But, the friendship remained. He just perved over me every time I met him at the beach, or visited his house. He was so decent. Never tried anything funny!

To cut most detail out, it wasn’t until I was married, after getting a girl pregnant, that I visited and allowed him to blow me. What an experience. This is the first time ever, this has happened to me, given by another man! Same, but so different. He got a boyfriend and we’d visit together occasionally. I got myself really treated by these guys and got quite comfortable touching and giving back what I received. I didn’t allow any “rear ending” though! I’m shitting myself at the thought of this possibility! 

This is where it is different for me. Now, years later, I can fantasize about that, but still have not gone there. Have been rimmed and fingered all to lovely, but no dick in me arse just yet!

I have met some amazing guys through the years and had some funtastic times. A new friend of mine and I have got a “special” friendship. he is straight, but not when we’re together. We met at a nudist resort 4 years ago and built a very special friendship. The “intimate” part of that developed the year after we met. I’ll tell you more about that later!

I’m now busy getting a divorce. Marriage to the wrong partner is a disaster and is simply not worth all the crap you have to eat up as time goes by! I need out. I’ve tried all I can to make it work, but I’ve had it.

My fantasy is meeting a bi guy and a bi tolerant lass who I can share a house with! Naughty, isn’t it!? But, this will be amazing for me! 

I love bodies, especially male bodies. I really and truly appreciate the female form that is not out of proportion. I love bodies, touching them, exciting them, adoring them - male or female!


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