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It has been a long time since I have had anybody touch me and me loving someone else’s body! I feel dried out to die. It is in a way my own fault - work too hard, don’t allow “naughty” confrontation like I could. I have to, I need it!

I yearn after soft breasts and lady lips as much as I do after the hard throbbing cock of a down to earth sweet guy!


I’m not queer - I just know that I can love anyone whom I’m attracted to. Why is that so difficult to understand? Beats me - this world is weird place and the people on it even more so!

What is not to like about the human body, no matter what your sex is. The body is an artwork created by a very passionate God, as evidenced by the immense detail on every curve and crevice! 

Can you, Mr Straight, honestly tell me you see nothing beautiful in these pair of buns? Are you blind?

And Mrs Straight, would you honestly not want to feel the tenderness of these breasts - I do!

This is the wonderful world of people who can experience creation on a level that the “normal” person has a problem seeing! I love it! I want it!